Indian South superstar Mahesh Babu doesn’t want to work in Bollywood?

Why does South superstar Mahesh Babu doesn’t want to work in Bollywood?

Mahesh Babu's statement Bollywood cannot afford him turns out to be bad!

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June 6, 2024
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Bollywood is one of the most popular Film Industry in India. Many artists and stars have gained name and fame there. Artists from different regional film industries wait to get offers from famous Bollywood filmmakers. The stardom of Bollywood actors fascinates other actors from various regional film industries. Many South Indian actors and actresses have turned towards Bollywood after having a good start in the South Film Industry. But Mahesh Babu is one of the names which have a different story. Mahesh Babu is a name which needs no introduction. A famous and talented actor who has a huge fan following. 

He got many offers from Bollywood but he refused to work in Bollywood. In an interview about his future plans to work in Hindi Films, he said “They cannot afford me”. This statement created a controversy and people started criticizing his statement. In his statement, he said that he did get some Bollywood films but Bollywood cannot afford him. He will not waste his time. He enjoys good stardom in Telugu Cinema and never thought of going to other industry. He believes that South films are doing good and becoming bigger. His belief is turning out to be true also. So, he has no plans to do other films. 

Later when his statement turned out to be bad, he clarified by stating that he always wanted Telugu films to do well and his dream has come as South films are doing well and reaching every part of the country. So, why there is a need to go to other film industries? He wants to continue doing Telugu films also and desires that people across India and world should watch Telugu Films. Mahesh Babu has a global fan base and his movies have continued to entertain audiences. Till now he has no future plans to sign any Bollywood films. 

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