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Are you passionate about writing? Do you love sharing your opinion on the latest movies or anything from entertainment industry? Looking to write some long-form articles? Or maybe you're a film blogger and want some extra exposure; whatever the reason we're always interested in new writers joining our enthusiastic team!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please get in touch with us today. We'd love to hear from you!

If you would like to write for P3 Enter10ments, please email us letsconnect@p3enter10ments.com.

Please read through our website p3enter10ments.com to get a better understanding of the range of articles/content we are interested in publishing. Our editorial team will help you with content guidelines as per P3 Enter10ments website.

We are always looking for new content to publish and we want you to be able to submit your best work. The guidelines are here to assist you understand the ethos of P3 Enter10ments.

  1. Unique and original viewpoint is required, as well as being relevant to our audience.
  2. Unique and original viewpoint is required, as well as being relevant to our audience.
  3. Fact-checking is mandatory; if you're unsure about something, please seek clarification before publishing!
  4. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited; if your writing has been copied from somewhere else (including other websites), please remove it from your draft so that we can check it properly before publication!
  5. All pieces must be ORIGINAL & EXCLUSIVE to P3 Enter10ments; if someone else has already written something similar then please do not submit it because it will not be published!

Length: At least 400-600 words and further lengths are welcomed.
No confidential information – Please avoid posting anything that puts others’ information at risk.

Provide a heading and subheading -Your heading should accurately summarize the article while also grabbing attention
Links: Up to two Do-Follow links in the article body allowed.

If you're still reading this, there's a good chance that you're interested in writing for us. That's why we'rereaching out to you: it's time to get started!