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Everything to Know About the most awaited ‘Avatar’ Sequel ‘The Way of Water’: Release Date, Cast, and More

Avatar: The Way of Water amazing facts and unknown stories.

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January 22, 2023
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Avatar is one of the most-watched films and it received immense love from the audience. After the first series, the audience eagerly waited for the second series. Almost after a decade, James Cameron’s Avatar turned out to be the highest-grossing film of all time in 2009, audiences were waiting to return to Pandora. The title of the ‘Avatar’ Sequel is “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

The age rating for Avatar: The Way of Water: 

Avatar 2 has got a rating of PG-13 for intense action, strong violence, partial nudity, and language which means some content is not suitable for kids under 13.

There are moments like a scary living being trying to attack a character. Furthermore, a character crushes a brain in his hands and a character has a seizure. All this together makes the movie not fit for the age below 13.

Wondering if the ‘Avatar’ Sequel is ok for kids?

As specified above about the partial nudity and foul language, there are a lot of intense battle scenes and violence in the movie which can be too terrifying for kids. Many action parts include death, hand-to-hand battle, and aggressive fights with weapons including spears, arrows, and guns. There are also homes/villages set on fire and a huge number of explosions.

What may be most distressing to children is the brutality to kids and animals. Animals are hunted and killed, children are kidnapped, tortured, and often seen in threat. 

Why has Avatar 2 taken so long?

James Cameron's sequel Avatar 2's made heavy use of ground-breaking underwater filming technology. The Way of Water introduced the Metkayina, a new Na’vi tribe, who live around and in Pandora's ocean. 

Yet another main reason behind the delay is Cameron did not rush. The Avatar franchise has always been recognized as an intensely private project for Cameron. As well as in the making for technology to catch up to his vision, Cameron also more than likely did not drive things further until he had the complete story for The Way of Water froze. Cooking up such a long multi-movie story takes time, and Cameron is perhaps more than aware of just how liable franchises are to fail when stories are constructed on a step-by-step basis.

Avatar 2 Cast: Who returns for “the way of the water”?

The novel Avatar familiarized audiences with the Na’vi, the individuals who lived in the rainforests of Pandora who were endeavoring to guard their home as humans attacked to their mine of the valuable mineral unobtanium. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a disabled man who gets involved in the Avatar Program with the intent to make harmony with the Na’vi people, soon determines the huge damage that the military is causing to Pandora. He joins Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) in a mission to eject all the humans and save the cherished Tree of Souls.

While both Sully and Neytiri will return for Avatar 2, much of the plot is actually on their preteenager children.

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