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Here are 4 Sacrifices of Heath Ledger for his popular role of Joker in ‘The dark Knight’

How ‘The dark Knight’ actor Heath Ledger prepared for his role.

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July 11, 2022
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An actor is known for the performance he gives. Performing over the big screen, if an actor engrosses the audience in his character, then you can say him a true actor by heart. One such actor was Heath Andrew Ledger. He was an Australian actor who has done amazing and strong characters in movies which will be remembered by the world ever after. His movie ‘The dark Knight’ has his best movie in which he portrayed the role of a joker. With this role, he set up a benchmark that no actor matched till now. In the acting field, it is said that the best form for the actor comes when they live and feel their character. Exactly the same was practised by Ledger. The performance that the audience saw in the film ‘The dark Knight’ was not just random. There was a lot of handwork behind that. Let’s see what sacrifice he did for this popular role. 

Self-isolation for six weeks

To give his best in this role, he kept himself apart from the rest of the world for almost six weeks in a hotel room. At this place, he used to practice laughing and imagining various voices to prepare for the role of Joker. He talked to himself to lose his mind. During this isolation time, he wrote a ‘Joker’ diary where he describes what all things were inside his mind while preparing for the role. 

Hurting himself in real

During the shooting of the film, Heath wanted his co-actor Christian Bale to hit him strongly to bring reality to the scene. But when Bale refused to do that, Ledger began to hit himself with the walls so that the sequence looks genuine. The way he performed the shot and his commitment was once narrated by Bale in an interview. 

Suffered from Insomnia

It was a hard preparation for the role of Joker because of which he suffered from insomnia for many years. He could not sleep for many nights and was not able to come out of the role. His body got exhausted badly and he died due to an accidental overdose of sleeping medication. 

Dry mouth due to unnatural voice

The character in the film was having a deep voice, so Heath Ledger use to take the shots with a dry mouth to create that voice. He used to lick his lips during the shots and it also became a signature part of his role. 

The actor died at a very early stage and audiences still remember his roles which can never be done by any other actor.

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