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Vinayak Ghoshal
Dance Choreographer
Vinayak Ghoshal
Learn dancing with popular dander, Vinayak Ghoshal.
05 June 1994 (Age 30)
Social Media Profiles:

Vinayak Ghoshal is a famous YouTuber, dancer and choreographer. He also makes engaging content for various social media platforms. His social media accounts are filled with so many dance videos. His dancing skills are seen in his various dance videos. His dancing moves are unique due to which he has a huge fan following over social media sites. Vinayak Ghoshal has a channel on YouTube called Natya Social Events. He uploaded his various dance choreography on bollywood songs. Apart from a YouTube channel, he also has a dance Institute by the same name in Mumbai. The success of his YouTube channel and institute depicts how he is committed and dedicated towards dancing. The top songs to which Vinayak Ghoshal has danced and uploaded his dance videos on his YouTube channel are Pee Loon, O Rangrez, Tere Rang and many more. Vinayak Ghoshal's dance videos depict he is also a good classical and semi-classical dancer. 

About Vinayak Ghoshal's early life, before becoming a popular dancer, he thought of working in advertisement organizations. Earlier he wished to pursue a career in Mass Media and do something in the advertising field. He always had in mind to do some outstanding work which he would share with the world. His hobby was dancing and during his school days, he use to take dance sessions for the school students. With the gradual teaching of dance, his hobby turned into his passion. During that time, Vinayak Ghoshal also had financial issues and he was in a situation where he has to work after his regular college, he found a job to meet his financial needs. At the initial stage, he got an opportunity to work with a well-known director as an assistant choreographer. Vinayak Ghoshal has a huge fan following over various social media platforms. Young dancers are fascinated by his dancing talent and follow him.

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