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Eshani Sathe
Eshani Sathe
Eshani Sathe, a talented Kathak Dancer.
01 January 1990 (Age 34)
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India is rich in various cultures and traditions. Various dance forms are there. Indian dance forms are very popular as are the dancers who perform Indian dancing forms and styles. Eshani Sathe is one of those names who has gained so much popularity as a Kathak Dancer. She is currently living in Mumbai. She has received her training under Pt. Rajendra Gangani and Guru. Smt Radhika Sathe. She has continued her dance practice for more than fifteen years. She also worked as the Head of Administration & Curation at Kathak Nritya Mandir. It is an institution which works for the education and promotion of Kathak. Eshani Sathe has a huge fan following of dancers, especially classical dancers. She always uploads her dance videos over her social media accounts. She also has a YouTube channel named Eshani Sathe which has more than 12.7 K subscribers. She is also on Instagram and has 46K followers over there. Her dance videos over YouTube are combinations of various dances over different themes. She has posted her Kathak dance videos on special days such as Independence Day, Earth Day, Guru Poornima and many others. The grace with which she dances is such that one cannot take off eyes from her. She has also dedicated her dance to various Hindu Gods like Lord Shiva, God Durga and many others. 

Eshani Sathe has a great dancing talent and her talent is recognized with various awards. She has received many awards such as the Ministry of Culture Award of Scholarship to Young Artists (2013), the Mewar Mani Award from Govt. of Rajasthan and many others. The way Eshani Sathe is working in the promotion of her art in the digital world with various popular Indian Companies is commendable. This is another reason why she has a huge fan following and she is an inspiration to the young dancers. 

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