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A promise for the BTS reuniting in 2025 by the Group Frontman RM

RM shares about BTS and informs about its comeback in 2025.

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August 26, 2023
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K-pop group BTS declared a halt in the year 2022 due to their military commitments. Admit that fans were very early waiting for them to resume and entertain them with their music. The group leader RM aka Kim Namjoon has come up with some news. He informed the army about their reunion in the upcoming year 2025. RM was speaking in a live session of Weverse on Saturday and he was interacting with the BTS ARMY. He spoke of different topics such as the Busan show, Suga's D-Day Seoul concert, Suga's views on BTS and BTS member’s reunion in the year 2025. 

While reading a letter and song from an ARMY and conveyed that BTS means a lot to him and now he is doing some solo projects. It is just a vacation to him and thinking of getting back to the Group and ARMY to which he is deeply connected. This is a journey to go back home safely and then they will reunite in 2025. He also mentioned the immense love he is receiving from the fans and he acknowledges that. He says “This is greatness of love” and when he receives such love, it makes him remind the hard times and trials of his life. 

RM also shared what Suga said about BTS. He said his experience about how he felt throughout his 28 shows and his fans' response. He felt the eagerness of the fans about their group's comeback. He said that he never took his fan’s support and love for granted and expressed gratitude towards them. He also said that his fellow members of the group felt the same way. In the year 2022, this popular K-pop group announced a break due to their mandatory military service. Since then, members have been doing their solo projects.

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