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2022 & 2023 Tollywood Movies' Box Office Collections

Here is the list of Tollywood movies with their box office collection.

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July 27, 2023
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Are you searching for the Tollywood movies that went Hit or Flop in 2022 & 2023 ? Well, with the release of new movies every week, you probably don’t want to miss this short article to fetch the latest information in regard to the Tollywood movie's box office collection. From record-breaking blockbusters to captivating narratives, join us as we delve into the financial success and audience reception of some of the year's most prominent films.

So, let's catch up on the latest information on Tollywood’s box office collection:

Movie NameWorldwide Box Office Collection      Movie Budget          Box Office Verdict
2018179.4 Crore INR24 Crore INRBlock Buster
18 Pages23.65 Crore INR16 Crore INRAverage
Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu13.5 Crore INR30 Crore INRDisaster
AAGMC1.4 Crore INR10 Crore INRFlop
Acharya76.7 Crore INR140 Crore INRDisaster
Adipurush411.45 Crore INR500 Crore INRFlop
Agent12.8 Crore INR65 Crore INRDisaster
Amigos18.25 Crore INR26 Crore INRFlop
Anni Manchi Sakunamule4.45 Crore INR12 Crore INRFlop
Ante Sundaraniki38 Crore INR45 Crore INRFlop
Arjuna Kalyanam8.5 Crore INR12 Crore INRFlop
Avatar 2 (Telugu)101.98 Crore INR200 Crore INRHit
Baby60.4 Crore INR12 Crore INRSuper Hit
Balagam22.4 Crore INR4 Crore INRHit
Bangarraju64.9 Crore INR35 Crore INRHit
Beast (Tamil)235.05 Crore INR150 Crore INRSuper Hit
Bheemla Nayak159.1 Crore INR75 Crore INRHit
Bichagadu 236.2 Crore INR30 Crore INRHit
Bimbisara65.13 Crore INR40 Crore INRSuper Hit
Brahmastra425 Crore INR410 Crore INRHit
Brahmastra (Telugu)29.75 Crore INR410 Crore INRHit
Chor Bazaar2.1 Crore INR7 Crore INRFlop
Cobra (All Languages)68.1 Crore INR90 Crore INRFlop
Custody14 Crore INR45 Crore INRFlop
Das Ki Dhamki22.61 Crore INR20 Crore INRHit
Dasara114.14 Crore INR85 Crore INRHit
Dhamaka83.85 Crore INR40 Crore INRSuper Hit
DJ Tillu30.3 Crore INR20 Crore INRSuper Hit
F3100.2 Crore INR70 Crore INRAverage
Gaalodu10.46 Crore INR8 Crore INRHit
Ghani7.5 Crore INR50 Crore INRDisaster
Godfather119.09 Crore INR135 Crore INRFlop
Happy Birthday2.75 Crore INR8 Crore INRFlop
Hidimbha3.05 Crore INR12 Crore INRFlop
Hit 242.56 Crore INR15 Crore INRHit
Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam3.58 Crore INR5 Crore INRFlop
Kabzaa51.45 Crore INR120 Crore INRFlop
Kantara (Telugu)60 Crore INR16 Crore INRHit
Karthikeya 2117.81 Crore INR15 Crore INRBlockbuster
KGF Chapter 21235 Crore INR100 Crore INRAll Time Blockbuster
Khiladi24.42 Crore INR60 Crore INRFlop
Krishna Vrinda Vihari7.76 Crore INR20 Crore INRFlop
Liger71.74 Crore INR110 Crore INRFlop
Love Today94.64 Crore INR18 Crore INRHit
Love Today (Telugu)13.68 Crore INR18 Crore INRHit
Macherla Niyojakavargam16.65 Crore INR30 Crore INRFlop
Mahaveerudu69.65 Crore INR85 Crore INR
Major64 Crore INR30 Crore INRSuper Hit
Masooda10.54 Crore INR5 Crore INRHit
Meter0.9 Crore INR8 Crore INRFlop
Michael17.35 Crore INR10 Crore INRAverage
Nayakudu62.65 Crore INR25 Crore INRHit
NMBKV1.6 Crore INR10 Crore INRFlop
Oke Oka Jeevitham23.55 Crore INR20 Crore INRHit
Ori Devuda10.2 Crore INR10 Crore INRHit
Pakka Commercial15.23 Crore INR30 Crore INRFlop
Pathu Thala34.2 Crore INR35 Crore INRFlop
Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi2.21 Crore INR8 Crore INRFlop
Prince46.8 Crore INR60 Crore INRFlop
PS 2342.4 Crore INR250 Crore INRHit
PS1497.9 Crore INR250 Crore INRBlockbuster
PS1 (Telugu)18.6 Crore INR250 Crore INRAverage
Pushpa365 Crore INR180 Crore INRSuper Hit
Raavansura22.1 Crore INR40 Crore INRFlop
Radhe Shyam156.4 Crore INR300 Crore INRDisaster
Rama Banam6.95 Crore INR28 Crore INRFlop
Rama Rao on Duty9.26 Crore INR30 Crore INRFlop
Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga6.85 Crore INR26 Crore INRFlop
Rangabali7.25 Crore INR12 Crore INRFlop
Rangamarthanda4.15 Crore INR8 Crore INRFlop
RRR1133 Crore INR600 Crore INRAll Time Blockbuster
Samajavaragamana30.45 Crore INR8 Crore INRHit
Sammathame4.7 Crore INR8 Crore INRFlop
Sardaar94.41 Crore INR45 Crore INRHit
Shaakuntalam10.52 Crore INR60 Crore INRDisaster
Sir/Vaathi116.99 Crore INR50 Crore INRHit
Sita Ramam97.38 Crore INR30 Crore INRSuper Hit
Spy29.51 Crore INR28 Crore INRFlop
SVP187.17 Crore INR140 Crore INRHit
Thank You7.46 Crore INR30 Crore INRDisaster
The Ghost12.17 Crore INR45 Crore INRFlop
The Warriorr37.31 Crore INR40 Crore INRFlop
Thunivu201.09 Crore INR200 Crore INRHit
Ugram5.75 Crore INR15 Crore INRFlop
Urvasivo Rakshasivo8.8 Crore INR15 Crore INRFlop
Varisu302.41 Crore INR260 Crore INRHit
Varisu (Telugu)27.55 Crore INR260 Crore INRHit
VBVK9.95 Crore INR7.5 Crore INRAverage
Veera Simha Reddy131.08 Crore INR110 Crore INRHit
Veerame Vaagai Soodum9 Crore INR20 Crore INRFlop
Vidhuthalai38.9 Crore INR25 Crore INRHit
Vikram (Tamil)445.8 Crore INR150 Crore INRAll Time Blockbuster
Vikrant Rona (All Languages)123.5 Crore INR95 Crore INRAverage
Vikrant Rona (Telugu)7.75 Crore INR95 Crore INRSuperhit
Virata Parvam6.9 Crore INR15 Crore INRFlop
Virupaksha90.25 Crore INR44 Crore INRSuper Hit
VTK (Tamil)51.1 Crore INR40 Crore INRAverage
Waltair Veerayya223.44 Crore INR140 Crore INRSuper Hit
Writer Padmabhushan10.56 Crore INR6 Crore INRHit
Yashoda32.71 Crore INR40 Crore INRFlop

The box office collections of Tollywood movies in 2022 and 2023 have showcased the industry's continued growth and success. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the release of highly anticipated films, coupled with innovative marketing strategies and strong audience engagement, has led to remarkable revenue figures. The diversity of genres and compelling storytelling have contributed to the industry's allure, attracting a broader audience base both domestically and internationally. With such promising results, Tollywood is undoubtedly poised for a bright and prosperous future in the years to come.

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