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Some of the Best moments of actor Vijay Sethupathi from the Webseries 'Farzi'

Funny scenes from the Webseries Farzi that has Vijay Sethupathi as center of attraction.

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March 26, 2023
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Vijay Sethupathi has become a household name after the crime thriller web series Farzi. The actor is well known in South Indian Films and now he has also won the hearts of audience with his performance in the web series Farzi. His way of speaking the Hindi language attracted the audience the most. His role enhanced the comic element in the film. He proved that language can never be a barrier when an actor is good at his work. His role in Farzi has amazing shades of his acting. In many scenes, he left the audience shocked with his performance and timing. 

Watch the Farzi - Funny Scene | Vijay Sethupathi and Zakir Hussain 

Video credit: Discover with Sylvester

Watch the complete Season 1 of Farzi here.

There are many best moments of the actor in the film. There was a scene between Mansoor (Kay Kay Menon) and Michael Vedanayagam Vijay where Kay Kay failed to pronounce the word jurisdiction and says to Vijay that he is making fun of him as his English Ki Dukaan has been closed. In another scene in which Vijay is having a conversation with Pawan Gahlot (Zakir) after sharing his funny pictures, his dialogue - “Jis Kursi mein aap baithe ho, Wo maine Bacha ke rakha” is mind-blowing. The way he delivers the same is just great. Not to forget the abusive words he ended with. One can never forget the ascent in which he insults Zakir. The next best part of the film is when Vijay Sethupathi visits the office of Pawan Gahlot and defends himself by saying that he has not sent the sexy pictures to him. It was not him who did it. Later when Pawan Gahlot instructs to have a headline and Michael Vedanayagam says he is our protector, Sachai ka Rakhwala……. He makes fun of him and his team members laugh on it. Later Michael Vedanayagam asks Pawan Gahlot to stop the interview session. The dialogue between Asli and Nakli two can make anyone laugh. 

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