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Have a Look on the story of Hostel Girls with the TV series "Girls Hostel"

"Girls Hostel"- A comedy drama Television series on SonyLIV.

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September 8, 2023
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Girls Hostel is a comedy-drama TV series showcasing the life of Girls who settle outside their homes in the hostel for studies and the common issues they face during that period. The Television series has released three seasons. 

Is there season 3 of Girls Hostel?

The first season of Girls Hostel came in the year 2018, the second one in 2021 and the third season named Girls Hostel 3.0 came in 2022. The first season was created by Shreyasi Sharma and directed by Hanish D Kalia. 

Is Girls Hostel worth watching?

The Television series Girls Hostel is a women-oriented series and focuses on girls living in hostels. How they struggle to get basic amenities and manage living with different kinds of people for years. The series has also highlighted the medical student’s college life. The performance of girls starting with Parul Gulati, Ahsaas Channa and Simran Natekar is good. A simple story is put in a good way. So, the series Girls Hostel is worth watching. 

How many episodes of Girls Hostel are there?

The series has come up with three seasons till now. The first season had five episodes which includes:

  1. 1) The Bra Chor
  2. 2) Dental Vs. Medicals- The Fashion Showdown
  3. 3) The Midnight Plan
  4. 4) The Best of Friends
  5. 5) The Worst of Enemies

The second season has five episodes:

  1. 1) The Uprising
  2. 2) The Intrusion
  3. 3) The Mistake
  4. 4) The Strategy
  5. 5) The End-Game

The third season also consists of five episodes:

  1. 1) Expectation
  2. 2) Dilemma
  3. 3) Hustle
  4. 4) Frenemies
  5. 5) Explosion 

Where can I watch Girls Hostel?

The Television series Girls Hostel can be watched over SonyLIV App.

The real-life story of hostel life is brought in reels. The young girls can relate themselves with this series. The story and the star cast are also amazing. The actors have performed well. Comedy, drama, emotions, everything is there in the series. So, one should watch it.

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