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Permanent Roommates: A Romantic comedy series showing common love story in a great way

All you need to know about the TV series Permanent Roommates.

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September 2, 2023
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Permanent Roommates: Beautiful and engaging content from TVF House. Permanent Roommates is an Indian romantic comedy web series that came in the year 2014 . Till now two seasons have been released. The first season came in the year 2104 and the second season was released in 2016. The first season was Written and developed by Biswapati Sarkar and Sameer Saxena. It is created by Arunabh Kumar who is also the founder of TVF. The web series has shown how young couples in long-distance relationships manage and face various difficulties in getting married. 

Is Permanent Roommates worth watching?

When it comes to making decisions about whether to watch this web series or not. Since the story is real and nothing seems to be done over. It has shown how two young people struggle between their lives, careers, relationships, and many other aspects. This web series has brought many young talents from which the youth can inspire. The story is much related to what is happening around us in the society. It is written well, directed, and acted wonderfully. So, this series is worth watching.

How many episodes of permanent roommates are there? 

The first season of the web series has a total of five episodes which are 

  1. 1) The Proposal
  2. 2) The father-in-law
  3. 3) The Bachelor Pad
  4. 4) The bridegroom and
  5. 5) The Agreement 

The second season of Permanent Roommates has eight episodes which are

  1. 1) The Parents
  2. 2) The Man
  3. 3) The Event- Part I
  4. 4) The Event Part II
  5. 5) The Dinner 
  6. 6) The memories
  7. 7) The Gift
  8. 8) The Attempt

Where can I watch Permanent Roommates?

The first season of permanent roommates was premiered on YouTube. The audience who wishes to watch the first season can go to YouTube and watch the same. 

Permanent Roommates is one of the beautiful and engaging creation of TVF. Both seasons have entertained the audience. It is a good romantic-comedy web series which is full of emotions, fun and enjoyment. 

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