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College Romance - A Comedy drama TV series that speaks about love in colleges

Some interesting facts about TV series College Romance.

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September 9, 2023
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The Television series “College Romance” in its name itself says everything. The series is all about the youngsters who try to find their love during their college days. The said series is about three friends Karan, Trippy and Naira; who are in search of love while they are in college. They share some good memories with each other. The series has beautifully shown how the college students overcome from different situations to sustain their friendship and relationships.

Is College Romance worth watching? 

The makers of TV series College Romance have brought up many real aspects of the College life, friends, and love. The Various seasons of the series are full of drama, romance, action and comedy moments. The youngsters may enjoy this series and hence it is worth watching. 

On which OTT platform is College Romance?

The audience who wishes to watch the various seasons of College Romance can see the same on various platforms. One can see the series on SonyLIV. Till 2023, various seasons have been released. The season 4 was released during July, 2023. The College Romance TV series is made under The Viral fever Media labs and the first season was released on TVFplay. 

Is there season 4 of College Romance? How many episodes of College Romance are there? 

There are four seasons of the TV series College Romance. The list of episodes of each season are:

A - First season:

1) The Hint
2) Tommy
3) Paneer Sex Masala
4) Spank Me
5) Happily Fucked up

B - Second Season

1) Penguins
2) Double Trouble
3) Growing up
4) Sub-group
5) Long Distance Friendship

C - Third Season

1) Happy Ending
2) No more Secrets
3) Loser
4) Beer & Whiskey
5) Problem Kya Hai

D - Fourth season

  1. 1) Aaya Hosh

2) Lies and secrets 
3) Secret Trip
4) Adulting
5) Farewell

"College Romance" stands as a delightful testament to the complexities and joys of young adulthood. With its witty humor, relatable characters, and exploration of friendship, love, and personal growth, the series strikes a chord with viewers of all ages. It takes us back to a time of innocence and discovery, reminding us of the enduring bonds forged in the crucible of college life.

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