Eric Martin Explains Time Travel in Loki vs. Avengers: Endgame

Loki Season 2 Time Travel may turn to be disappointing; here is what Writer Martin says

Justifications from Eric Martin about Time Travel Scene in Loki That Contradicts Avengers: Endgame Rules.

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June 8, 2024
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The concept of time travel was introduced through The Marvel Cinematic Universe in the movie Avengers: Endgame. This time travel formed the base of the 2019 Marvel movie story. It was also established that no matter what the characters do in the past, will not affect the present. But after four years Season 2 of Loki has not been seen adhering to the rules of time travel. There have been many time slips and this has raised many questions. Looking into such a situation, Eric Martin, head writer of Loki season 2 has clarified.

Speaking about the time slipping, Eric Martin explained about the scene where Loki and Mobius travel to the depths of TVA headquarters to visit Ouroborous. They try to stop the time-slipping and decide to build a temporal aura extractor. The Asgardian suggested giving ouroboros about extractor and it was applied in present. So, when a person does some act, time-travelling backwards affects the present time. But Eric does not go with the contraction of time and says that it is not possible. Explained about season 1 stating that time does not work what one expects in the TVA. Martin further clarified that there is no such thing that he was not working as per rules established by themselves but they wanted to bring some growth in the rules. Not just staying with the rules was enough but he was trying to grow and expand them. It is to grow the world of TVA as a whole. 

This time slipping has always been a concern in MCU. It is further expected that people will see many instances of time lapses in Loki. The writer however did not explain why this slip of time has begun. This process no doubt looks unpleasant. It may turn very odd when birth and death are shown at the same time.

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