Mirzapur 3 New Release Date Announced - Fans Can't Wait!

Web series Mirzapur 3 gets another date of release: Fans cannot wait for it!!

The teaser of Mirzapur 3 dropped, creating yet another confusion and uncertainty about its release.

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June 9, 2024
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'Mirzapur,' first season was released in the year 2018 and the first season marked a great success and received a huge positive response from the audience. The gangster drama also continued to hold the same position in the hearts of the audience in its second season. Now the audiences are early waiting for the third season. Recently the teaser of the series was released and it has created confusion in the audience about its release. 

The teaser states the series release date as 22 August 2024, however, earlier it was reported that it would be released in the month of June. In this promotional video, Pramod Pathak (JP Yadav) informs the viewers to trust this date. This teaser received mixed reactions from the fans. Many expressed their views on social media platforms about this release date. With the further delay in the release, the fans have to wait and at the same time, their excitement level is also at peak. On the other hand, some fans have been disappointed with the new dates and they also question the reliability of the proposed date. The release date seems to be uncertain, but the level of fan excitement is definitely certain and they are waiting for any further updates.

Mirzapur's first season has been a great success due to its gripping story and narration. Also the cast performance, twists and turns keep the audience engaged in the series. This is the reason they are early waiting for the third one. It is expected that the new season will bring some new drama to the series and the duo brothers Guddu and Bablu Pandit will be seen together. Between uncertainties of dates, it is expected that the series will continue to entertain the audience in the same way it did in rest two. Let’s see what this season has brought for the audience.

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